Data Visualization: Translating data into actionable insights for retailers

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June 2016 

Data visualization is the presentation of data in a visual format. It allows users to easily identify behavioral patterns, trends and correlations through illustrative techniques and software. The key is to keep it simple and let the pictures, charts and graphs tell the story. With the growth of big data and the desire to mine information from all customer interactions, data visualization can be a powerful tool to quickly observe trends and take action on the data observed. Data visualization makes it easier for executives and leaders across all disciplines to access key data and apply the insights to drive customer and business strategy. Examples of visual data include heat maps, infographics and a combination of pictures and graphs. Each of these formats should be designed to answer strategic questions about the business so users can find what they need without having to dig into the raw data. An important element of data visualization is the ability to observe outliers or unique patterns that can be used to uncover marketing, customer and operational opportunities. 


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