Identifying Identity Theft Risks


With any innovation comes risk. As our offerings become increasingly digital, the cyber security of our customers is absolutely top-of-mind. In order to best safeguard yourself, Synchrony Financial and the FTC want you to know more about identity theft dangers that exist across the web.

Phishing and spam are two tricks that employ false emails to convince consumers into providing personal data via a reply, a link to an untrustworthy site, or another point of contact. Only respond to emails from organizations or entities that you are familiar with.

Sweetheart scams are run by individuals who seek online relationships under dishonest pretenses. Only provide financial or private material to those you trust. 

Similar schemes include dubious telemarketing, fabricated charities soliciting donations, or pleas from abroad for money. At Synchrony Financial, we have an experienced team dedicated to protecting and educating our customers. If you ever have a concern regarding your account, contact us immediately at 866-419-4096 or consult our contact page here.


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